Friday, June 20, 2014

Unique life

Wish was sent to agree,
And mouth was given to wish,
And heart was made to joy,
For I still beg to come true.
I dream for what I can’t,
And I do what I can.
My friends were born in a stage
Of thousand and lakes,
But I was born in the class of hundred.
I wore sweater for its cold,
But my friend wore blazer of its winter.
I play with stone,
But my friend plays with coins.
I cried with tears,
But my friend cried with things.
I travel with bus,
But My friend travel with plane.
I wish big dream,
But my friend still wishes their childhood
For they don’t know,
Times still travelling with those endless river,
Day will go slowly,
But time will run fast
For there is no wish to come again
I believe
It’s always better to be poor in earth

And wise in heaven.
written by 
Nehemiah theophylus haokip
date 3/6/11
3.My journey
 All born to journey,
In the highway of their freedom,
But the expectation never comes true,
For the temptation had choose his journey in your way.
The day will go slow.
The mountain will flow slow.
And the tree will welcome me till the end of road.
Thousand of houses will appear in my eyes,
And millions of star will twinkle upon me.
But I can’t install them anyhow in my mind,
But except all of my memories left behind,
Can’t be deleted even if I wash thrice time.
Some time I hate to wish goodbye,
Coz am scared I might farewell them forever.
And sometime I don’t wish to journey alone,
But I have to go so,
Coz my destiny was to journey long.
All might be enjoying their day,
With glorious and joy,
But me, I have set my day in the bus,
With tears and toils,
Enjoying the view of the flora and fauna.
As journey is the beginning of a matured life from childhood.

_mr Nehemiah theophylus haokip
date 19/5/14

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Once it was…
I waited so long,
I dream so big,
Just to be your hero.
I swear I was a broken glass,
Somehow fixed by your voice,
On the clear campus,
I enjoyed of looking,
Your walk with those foes
I dream of being only the boy in campus,
Just to see your smile at me.
The first day of your smile,
Was a secret view
To share to my foes
You freak my leg with your smile,
And make me follow your smell.
I surprise of being what to you,
Coz once I was tempted,
The word I will spell out for,
Will be my raving thought for you
You travel with a car,
Sitting with a pelage sofa,
And I go with a cycle,
With my poor shoes
Your every wish comes true,
But my wish somehow seen on other hand,
Coz my father wealth was not matured yet.
But still!
I somehow maintain to courage my broken heart.
Once I was a lover,
Who was fallen with a broken wings,
From the high place of my kingdom,
And those memories were written in my heart,
But I believe,
You will be my eraser to rub those memories.
Oohhh my angle
How will I make you love me?
For I have no else to explain you.
What are things?
That will freeze your heart with me.
Oohh baby love,
Your perfume leads my way to you,
For the tree was well planted for me,
As I dare to love you,
With my broken revival…
Written by
-Nehemiah theophylus haokip
Date 19/7/13

Eternal freedom
The people they made their destiny
And turn their way into grave
And the nation with one theme
The further they tried to change
The more they got the temptation
The words of our fourth father
Seems so invisible
Cause their promise were seems so in vain
The struggle of their urge
Seems no, where else
It seems the nation got bizarre
As all the way turned into fraudulent
The people searching the answer of their doubt
The further they tried to move ahead
The more they got confuse
All the need of our country
Seems so unpaid
My dear people, we are still in dept
The nation of our country
Were to be in charge of our dreams
Cause what we dream for
Is still in need of understanding
Sometimes the dark enlighten
The shadow of our anger
As we’re still in dept
the tears of our fourth father
And the journey of our wish
Will be no longer far
As we’ve made a new vow
Of the great nation of land
And the eternal freedom
Of one another
Will be in the way of ours
Written by
-Nehemiah Theophylus haokip
Date 12/3/10

As i…
As I walk through this endless road
With full of sad attitude
Being numbed for looking rich and poor
Which is cruel by mankind?
As I dream through this endless acknowledgement
With full of adulthood
Being adventuresome to nature
Which I always wit for its wondrous world
As I cried through this windfall gift
With full of festive
Being adorable to wretched nature
Which I always word to wreath
As I smiled through this wondrous nature
With full of hilarious heart
Being proud of its wondrous nature
Which I always wish to worship
As I recall the past
With misgiving of its wondrous virtuous property
Being proud of its wonderful throne
Which I always word to rinse up his parts
Written by
-nehemiah theophylus haokip
                                                   Date 6/2/12